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the Blackie's first encounter with inflatables  (now known as the balloons ) was when John Latham and ERG performed at the Blackie,  In this instance the inflatable was a large transparant sphere which people climbed into and performed dances.  We were immediately struck by the idea of building our own inflatable.  Our first attempt was a large grey triangular balloon   


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The Black-e has over its 50 plus years of existence sent out Cards with thoughts for The New Year..  Sometimes these were like 2 sided postcards, sometimes they had 4 pages. and sometimes only 3 of them had anything on them.  The Cards were seldom dated.  The Cards below are in page order and have a collage.  These are all the cards we could still find.  Enjoy                       …


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Easter Casino was the first playscheme to take place in The Garage.  The Garage was based in Roscoe Street, around half a mile away from the Blackie; it provided a home for the Blackie during the first rebuilding programme. Left Dave Rickus and colleague staffing the door for the Easter Casino Playscheme dressed appropriately  The Idea The inspiration for the playscheme was 'The Sting' ; 'the film' of 1974. So the setting would be that of…


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In 1974 The Blackie relocated to The Garage in Roscoe Street whilst the first phase of rebuilding started in the Blackie Building.  Summer in Blue was the first summer playscheme run in the Garage. Above blue painting  The staff faced both a summer playscheme and making the Garage inhabitable. In addition this was the year that  the United Nations Association - who had provided a workcamp of volunteers for the Blackie's  summer playschemes  -…


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This is the fourth Blackie Reports and currently the last one.  It is somewhat longer than the others, eight pages as opposed to four and was run as part of Making a Difference programme.                 


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Updated : Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 21:28


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This was the third of four such Reports.        


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This was the second of four such Reports.        


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This was the first of  four such Reports.  It was the only one done using old technology  - that is the photos, cartoons,  etc were cut out and pasted onto the background .  


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Merseyside Firsts Summer Tour  The idea was an expansions from the 1986 playscheme 'Liverpool Firsts.'  In this instance the idea was to take young people on visits to places where there had been a Merseyside First and make a video illustrating  it.  How it worked The Blackie visited 3 playschemes:- Garston Adventure Playgound;    Hoylake  Youth Playscheme (9th - Friday 11th);  The Old Friary, Fox Street (Tuesday 15th - 18th August).  At each…


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