The Room Of Doors - August 1968

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The creation of an environment daily for four weeks.

Painted Door next someone leaning against a cupboardWe have very limited paperwork and few photographs of what was one of our very first visual arts projects but what we do have clearly lays out principles which have informed our work ever since those early days.  The following are quotes from the original Press Release and Invitation to people to take part.

" One of the main problems of art is that is at the top you have the best ballet companies, the best theatre companies but you don't have, below the top professional level, the Liverpool and Everton of the arts, you don't have a culture in which everyone is kicking a football around, is being involved."

One of our first tasks was to decorate a very large room.  We made it into a ROOM OF DOORS - inviting everyone who came in (from children of 5 to adults in their 50s and 60s) to paint a door anywhere on the wall so long as their door was different from anyone else's.  The point was that people could, and did,  approach it in almost any possible way. 

The proposition was one of both apparent  and real simplicity - but also capable of being handled with great sophistication (for example a realisation that all paintings are doors through which a journey is possible).

"The work of the artist today is to create frames for other people to paint in."

The following are some of the 'doors' we have photgraphs of, sadly by and large they are not great photos.

Round safe doorLarge safe doorGateDoor decorated with hanging basket and heart

Above simple doors - two Safe doors followed by a gate and a door  with a painted heart. Below a more complex approach. A door in which the tail of a fan worms its way down through the door; a door set within decorated panels;  a door with a river running through it and a pair of doors with the second one open showing a black and white tiled floor.

Door with fandoor within decorated panelsDoor with a river running through it.A pair of doors one open showing a black and white checked tiled floor

and then are there the 'doors'  which work on the all paintings are a door basis

A mondrian doorA painting pretending to be a door

Finally doors which illustrate how they worked in context

A wood door with large decorated hinges next to a very small doorThe Door door next to a horizontal door

Safe door with a small door sited below a window

The gate in situPortcullis with dancer in fron of it

The Room Of Doors was led by Stuart Clucas using paint we had acquired by having a Paint Party.