Merseyside Firsts - The Summer Tour-1989

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Merseyside Firsts Summer Tour 

The idea was an expansions from the 1986 playscheme 'Liverpool Firsts.'  In this instance the idea was to take young people on visits to places where there had been a Merseyside First and make a video illustrating  it.

 How it worked

The Blackie visited 3 playschemes:- Garston Adventure Playgound;    Hoylake  Youth Playscheme (9th - Friday 11th);  The Old Friary, Fox Street (Tuesday 15th - 18th August).  At each playscheme young people were taken to visit the sites of firsts and made videos.

There are no photographs and to date the videos have not been found.  What is known is thta the young people created poems, made models, used glove puppets to act out events and these were then videoed.

If more information is found it will be added.

Garston Adventure Playground (July 31st - 8th August)

A total of 57  young people took part in the Mersey Firsts Video Project. and they made the following 12 videos.

1. The First Underground Railway and the First Electrified Railway. made by Mark Moffat and Mark Longton both aged 11.

2. The First Garden Festival  made by Michael Hammond (10). Lindsay Pritchard (11) and Kelly Thomson (13).

3. The First Post Box Collection Time Marker  made by Debbie  Jevons (3) and Dawn Jevons (12)

4. The First Public Museum made by Mark Ockleshaw (7), Gary Williams (8),and Mark Jevons (9). 

5. The First Uk Weight Lifting Champion and the First Mr. Universe  made by George Gouldon (9), Steven Taylor (11), and Gary Williams (14).

The First RSPCA made by Jamie Williams (7). Thomas Williams and Christopher Penquet both aged 8.

7. The First Goal Nets  Natalie Copoc (7) and Katy and Louise Keegan aged 3 and 8 respectively.

8. The First Children's Hospital made by Joanne Keegan (10), Claire Morgan (14) and Emma Dobie (15).

9. The First Woman Doctor  made by Helen Taylor (9) and Rebecca Kelly (10)

10. The First Man To Run The Grand National Without A Horse  made by Neil Dobie and Kevin Williams both aged 12 with Jason Jevons (14).

11.  The First Escalator  made by Adam Mee (2), Gary Bramhill (11), Dennis Kelly (12), Lisa Jones (13), Lisa Mulby (14).

12.  The First Mechanic  Library  Thomas Harrison (7),  Francis Moran (10),  Lee Hayes and Lee Portman both aged 11. 

Hoylake Youth Playscheme (August 9th to August 11th)

A total of 29 young people took part in the Mersey Firsts Video Project. and they made the following 5 videos.

1.  The First Public Park  made by Micfhael Lucas (6),   Vicky Jones (7),  Nia Chandler (9), Emma Jones (10), Kathren Gittens (10).

2.  The First St. Bernard Dog in Britain made by Lian Pugh (5), Anna Lewis (8), Cheryl Jones and Khylie both aged 12.

3. The First Charabanc Trip in Britain  Kellly Cunningham and Janet Jones both aged 9.

4. Lottie Dodd - Woman Superstar   Erin Tier (6), Elaine Tolly (9),  Philip Bevan, Alan Lewis, and Lisa Tolly all aged 12.

5.  John Ball The Golfer Who Played Golf In The Fog With A Black Ball made by Paul Rowlands  (6), Richard Lucas, Matthew Shennan, and Anna Lewis all aged 8.  

The Old Friary, Fox Street, Liverpool 3 (August 15th - August 18th).

A total of 55 young people from the Old Friary playscheme took part in  the Merseyside Firsts Video Project and made 8 videos.

1. The First Golfing Trolley.  made by Claire Edgar (5), Robby Edwards and Danny Rowan both aged 6, Samantha Edgar (7), Jody duffy (8), Nichola Templeton (9), Emma Duffy (10), and Dominque Mangan (11).

2.  The First Gas Lamps made by Kate Donique(5), Thomas Murphy (6), Lee Marshall (8), Tony McGiven and Patrick Davies both aged 9.

3. The First Public Bath-House  Thomas McGivan (7), John Davis and Catherine both aged 10, Leon Wilson (12) and Les Penrose (15).

4. The First Passenger Railway   made  by Michaela Hale (8), Laura Guy,  Melanie and Melissa Fisher all aged 9.

5. The First Oceanography Department  Katy Wright (3), Andrea Guy (6) and Laura Guy (9).

6. The First Shore-Based  Navigational Radar  made by Melissa Fisher,  David Mulholland and Melanie Roach all aged 9, with Neil Edwards (13).

7. The First Automatic Traffic Light System  Danny Rowan (6), Stevan Regan (9), and Neil Edwards (13)

8. The First Workman's 'Cocoa' pub made by Kate Donique (5), Terser Adamu (6), Lee Marshall (8), and Terheman Adamu (10).


The Team


Thanks To   Merseyside Play Action Council and Wirral Play Action who provided funding for the Project;  to Nick Birkenshaw of Art Works for the video equipment; and to Park Wallpaper and Paints for the provision of wallpaper samples.