Doors and Gates

Submitted by root on Mon, 09/16/2013 - 17:01

Mounted gatesThis games was played over two weeks and the intention of the game was to end up with a photographic exhibition of Doors and Gates.

Players were divided into small groups and each group was given the name of a well known Liverpool location which became their destination on a journey. The destination of each group remained unknown to the other groups taking part in the game.

Each group of players decided amongst themselves the route they would take to reach their destination, and then, using instant polaroid photography, made a visual record of their journey along it.

The photographs recording their journey could only be taken from the vantage points of doors and gates discovered along the route - the groups of players decided which doors and gates offered the best vantage points for recording their journey.

In the second week each group swapped the photographic record they had made of their journey with the record of another group.

The next leg of the game sees groups of players setting out from the same starting point on a journey to an unknown destination - their only guide being the photographic record gained in the swap. (Note this did not work well for all groups since following the journey depended on the original photographers ensuring they included clear indications of the route they were taking).

As well as having to discover the original route taken by another group, each group of players had to decide which doors and gates along that route were chosen as photographic vantage points. As they progressed towards their destination they photographed each vantage point (taking at least 4 photgraphs) and mounted them (in a standard format) to provide a record of their journey of discovery. And the mounted works became part of the Games Of Art. (Unfortunately these works have not lasted well given that poloroid photos fade with age.)

Mounted filed gatesMounted doors to a shed Mounted metal gatesAnother mounted shed doorMounted metal gate with concrete uprightMetal gates

Above photos of the final Doors and Gates works.

In description of this game found on file it said that the destinations chosen were various Liverpool art galleries. This seems unlikely as many of the journies took people out to places like Speke where there were a notable lack of art galleries and none seemed to head into the city centre where there are a number of art galleries,

Doors and Gates was one of the games played in the Blackies' weekly games sessions.