Water Works 2

Submitted by root on Tue, 09/18/2012 - 13:52

Second Game

The first part of the game is played in silence. The players are informed that each of them has been given a card which is allocated somewhere within the area of play (though not deliberately hidden).

The players are also informed that written on each card is a part of a sentence and that a small number of other players will have the remaining parts of the sentence on their card.

Having discovered their particular card it will be the task of each player to join up with the other members of their sentence group.

Each player is then given a cup filled nearly to the brim with water. The cup is the 'ticket' which allows the player to move off in search of their complementary cards.

Should a player spill any water they must remain on the spot where the spillage occurs unless another of the players comes to them and offers them water from their own supply.

The players are allowed to use only one hand to carry the cup and are not allowed to place their free hand over the top to prevent spillage, so that considerable care and forethought are required when moving.

To discover the other members of their sentence-group each player must first approach another - no more than two players should be involved in any one approach - touch cups as a gesture of greeting and exchange cards. If they think they are members of the same sentence-group they stay together and move off as a couple in search of the other members of that group. If the players discover that they are not members of the same group, they return each other's cards, touch cups again, and move on to meet other players.

Once the players have formed themselves into sentence-groups they move to the next stage of the game in which they are allowed to talk.

Each group is given a Polaroid camera and asked to make a photographic work consisting of no less than 1 and no more than 4 photographs which can give life to the title "Hands Across the Water". No parts of the players' bodies are allowed to appear in any of the photographs apart from their hands - and no water apart from what is left in the cups.

This game was played at the Blackie as part of the weekly games sessions. The game was played and the photographic works were completed in one afternoon.