Why Games

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Why Games  is an A5 leaflet which lays out the philosophical basis for the games. it is available to read or download here (the whole document  exists below), or if you want actual copies, they are available from the Black-E for the cost of the postage.

Front cover of Why Games Back Cover of why Games


"Expect the unexpected when the team of game-playing artists from the Blackie - Liverpool's Community Cultural Project, located close to the city centre and in the heart of Chinatown - get going. Whether out in the streets, in the games tent, in the park or indoors, you'll see games to bring a smile to your face - familiar games turned upside down and inside out - and games you've never seen before. There'll be games to start you thinking and games to stop you thinking - games to exercise the muscles of your body and games to exercise the muscles of your mind - games for the young, the not-so-young, and the young at heart. This is a festival where you can "get up, get into it. and get involved". You can step back (or sit down) and enjoy watching the games. Or you can step forward and enjoy playing the games'.

Such was the introduction to the brochure for the "Festival of Games" - Europe's first ever festival of creative and co-operative games- which took place in 1993 -which was sponsored under the umbrella of Liverpool's "Festival of  Comedy.

For over 30 years the Blackie - "a bridge across troubled waters ... linking artists and communities" - has been exploring creative and co-operative games. "Why Games?" sets out to tell you why.

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