A Question of Equity - April 1990

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Women in the Arts


I would like to thank the women who sat on the Women's Arts Research Support Group during Phase One of the Research:

Ruth Grosvenor

Linda Lee

Sally Morris

Erika Rushton

Bisakha Sarker

Sylvia Traiforos

Viv Tyler

plus those women who gave what time they could but who were not regular attenders.

I would also like to thank the staff within Merseyside Arts for their help specifically Brian Batson, who acted as liaison officer, David Hierons for his administrative assistance, and Theresa Griffin who showed an unfailing interest in the work and went out of her way to check details and provide information.

And finally I would like to thank Judy Bates for her input into the work particularly in terms of getting the questionnaires completed and returned.

Any part of this report may be reproduced providing that due accreditation is given to the Women's Arts Research Group, Merseyside Arts and myself.

Wendy Harpe Women's Arts Consultant February 1990































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