A Question of Equity - April 1990

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Women in the Arts


Table 1 summarises employment across all types of organisation contacted

Table 1 emploment

*Others where known

Female Full-time: French, Scottish, New Zealander
Male Full-time: White Muslim, Swedish, Canadian, 2 European


Female Part-time:  French
Male Part-time: Irish

Female Free-lance: Arabian, 2 Black American, Afro-European, Mexican,  2 Italian, Japanese, Spanish, white North American

Male Free-lance: 2 Black North American, South American, 6 Dutch,
8 Jewish, 2 European.

As might be expected Table 1 shows that women are more likely to take up part-time work than men (62% of all part-time workers are women) and somewhat less likely to have full-time employment than men (46% of all full-time workers are women). However this analysis does not reveal the basic inequalities in the power which women workers have and the money they earn. Before looking at these in some detail I want to consider the employment of black women (black here being used in its political sense to include all peoples whose roots are other than European) and the employment of disabled women.