A Question of Equity - April 1990

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Women In the Arts


Table 8: Employment by Art Form: All organisations

Employmenty by art form,

As can be seen from Table 8, the art forms which show a dominance by men are music and literature.  Given the situation of women within music - particularly within classical music which is the area of music most present within the subsidised arts - it is perhaps not so surprising to find that only 25% of full-time workers are women, and overall only 33% are women. Not only are the bulk of the workers men they are also mainly white and able-bodied. The only black music workers being represented by 8 free-lance performers of which 3 were black women.

The situation within literature where only 30% of the workers are women is rather more surprising.  Literature is an art form in which women have achieved recognition and one would expect - even given the small amount of resources given to literature within the subsidised arts - more women to be present, particularly given the strong contribution made by women to literature on Merseyside. For instance, there is the feminist bookshop 'News from Nowhere' - one of the very few organisations given to promoting women's works - and over a dozen writers workshops in which women play a major part.

Literature is also an area, as will also be seen when I look at the presentation of women's works, in which black women are comparatively well represented.

Although Table 8 does not illustrate this, disabled workers, and therefore disabled women workers, are only present either under combined arts or within theatre.


In this section I am looking at the public presentation of works within the area of the subsidised arts during the 6 month period 1st October 1988 to 31 March 1989. For the parameters which determine these statistics please refer to Appendix 2.