A Question of Equity - April 1990

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Women in the Arts

 2. WOMEN AND THE POWER STRUCTURE: b) Management Committees

Within management committees I have, where appropriate, included member of co-oper­atives as here I am simply seeking to identify the make-up of the group which makes decisions with regard to the policy of the organisation/project both in terms of artistic policy and in terms of the overall aims and objectives of the organisation/project.

 Table 6. Membership of Management Committees of Professional Arts Organisations

   Women on management committees                                  

 9 organisations did not respond to the question on management committees, in 3 cases because they had not yet formed a management committee and in 4 cases because they were managed by some other organisation.

Table 6 shows that of a total committee membership of 317, 36% were women, and that 11% of women members were black women. There were 9 disabled women (that is 8% of all women members) sitting on management committees but 5 of these sat on the manage­ment committee of Arts Integration Merseyside, only 4 other organisations had disabled committee members.

The 36% of women committee members were not however distributed equally among the 30 responding professional arts organisations:-

9 organisations had a parity between men and women (this does not mean exactly equal numbers but that there were roughly the same number of men and women)

3 organisations had a majority of women members;

18 organisations had a majority of men members.