“The 43 Game” Invitation

43 Game configured using night lights and bricks. The Black-E celebrated its 43rd Birthday on 27th May 2011, with
the launch of ‘The 43 Game’.

You are invited to produce a photograph of a created work or a discovered scene, object, or image which features the number ‘43’. The one absolute rule is this … if a child is given the photograph and is  asked what number they can find, then their answer should be ‘43’. Beyond this rule there is absolute freedom.

43 Game, here the sellected snooker balls form the  numberThis game is a bit like a game which ‘The Guardian’ invited their readers to play. The tabloid section of the paper (g2) produced a calendar in tabloid format, with each month illustrated with a photograph featuring the abbreviation ‘g2’. The photographs included a ‘g2’ drawn outdoors on sand, contained in a pattern of Smarties, on a spiders web, on a breakfast plate, and on a fork as part of a ‘spaghetti letters and numbers’ meal.

The Black-E’s ‘43 Game’ works created will be printed A4 size and displayed in the Gallery as a birthday celebration.

We will be very pleased to receive ‘43’ works from recipients of this invitation or from anyone to whom this invitation has been passed on.  Please email your photograph to staff [at] theblack-e.co.uk marked ‘The 43 Game’ with your name and contact details.

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