The Black-E's Touring Shows and Exhibitions

The Black-E Approach to Touring

Touring showsThe basis for our touring programme is that whatever happens at the Black-E - events, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, seminars - can also happen away from the Black-E. Requests and invitations to tour are most likely to be accepted when they will “make a difference” to those making the request. Touring commitments are generally undertaken on a ‘paid-for’ basis, though when circumstances are appropriate the costs of a touring commitment may be met by the Black-E.


Lottery PortraitsIn the workshops creating this exhibition each player discovered that their six chosen lottery numbers corresponded to six domestic utensils, they then choreographed themselves for a full-figure photograph in a pose of their choice – balancing or touching all of the items they had won.


Lottery RibbonsAs in the Lottery each player chose 6 numbers, which were then found to correspond to six ribbons of different widths and colours. Each player arranged their ribbons to make a work.


The Games of ArtThe Blackie Games are challenging, thought provoking, creative and co-operative. They have been played in the Walker Art Gallery (Liverpool), The Hayward Gallery (London) and in Jarrow, Aberdeen, Sheffield, Dublin, Denmark, Poland, Ghana and Jamaica.