We're Stuck!


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Out of Space Season 
"Fast-paced and immensely entertaining"
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Ever got terribly stuck on a problem? Ever made a stupid mistake and felt like a fool? Brilliant! Then this show is for you.

Join us on a special tour deep into the heart of Volcano Industries where you can explore top-secret research laboratories and meet cutting edge scientists struggling with some unusual and extremely tricky problems. They need your help. But beware – there may be unexpected dangers...

This brand new interactive show, created by award-winning theatre-maker Sarah Punshon, is inspired by the latest educational neuroscience into how amazing and utterly rubbish our brains can be at maths – and how we can best grow our grey matter. Join our brave and ridiculous heroes on their voyage of discovery, and together we'll struggle with ludicrously difficult tasks, get horribly stuck, and risk total failure. It'll be fun.

WARNING: There may be numbers. And robots.

We're Stuck is a promenade production performed for a small audience.