Firearms and Fingertips


  • "Firearms and Fingertips" is an anti gun crime theatre/mixed-media production, which incorporates many elements of the arts and creativity. It caters to its target audience through music, visual art, poetry, drama, hip-hop and DJ-ing. Through such elements, the production will engage the audience to confront the effects and consequences that guns and knives can have upon our society.
  • The play begins in a frenzied resuscitation room as doctors frantically attempt to save the life of the fifteen-year-old victim Spencer, suffering from multiple gun shots to his body. They manage to stabilize and move the unconscious Spencer to the intensive care unit. As his distressed mother sits by his bedside engaged in a one way conversation with the unresponsive Spencer, Chalice and Brown (Agents of death) enter the room (invisible to Spencer’s mother) to collect the life of the victim. As Spencers’ mother leaves the room to make a telephone call Chalice and Brown begin to speak directly to Spencer who now appears conscious. It becomes apparent that Chalice and Brown are waiting for Mr Grim to arrive so he can finalise the details of the young boys death. Mr Grim is delayed so the agents decide to interrogate and taunt the now terrified Spencer. They begin to unravel the truth behind him being gunned down. Is he truly a victim? Will he accept the devastating consequences of his own actions? Will he ever make it out? Or was it his own actions that have lead to his potential demise?
  • This dark comedy will take us all on the one journey we don't want to make!!
  • Opening night is Saturday 27th. Doors open at 6pm and admission is free!
  • For more info or bookings please email James at... firearmsandfingertips [at]