Alula's HYENA

November 6th & 7th

Alula posterOn the surface HYENA is a show about 'packs'. We are using packs of animals, loosely, as a metaphor for how we tend to group or be grouped together as a gender, culture, or community and how we behave when we meet other 'packs'. Alula, a new circus collective on the British scene,  will research how the juxtaposition of aerial and ground-based acts lends itself to ideas of status and hierarchy while playing with mirroring on different equipment to find new ways of working with old circus. They will also be spending a week doing workshops with The Black-E Youth Circus Program during October Half Term.

Fiona Thornhill, Jessica Ladley and Lil Rice are the co-founders and core members of Alula, having recently completed their BA Honors Degree at The National Centre for Circus Arts, in London, where they all specialise in Cyr Wheel. They are the first and only three women in the world to have trained Cyr Wheel together for three years and have thus learnt to synchronise their movement while also developing individual styles.

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In person at The Black-E (Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm)


Buy Tickets for ALULU's 'Hyena'

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