Josh Rouse and The Long Vacations

Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations posterThe Past. The Present. The Future. This record is in some ways unique. One that bridges both history, and what is to come. All highlighted in a musical collection that also reflects the current day, and the here and now for the artist. This is the world of Josh Rouse circa 2011: An American, born in the Midwest, who has over his life called many parts of the United States home, but an American now living a more cosmopolitan existence in modern Europe. The common thread through this rich journey has been the music – distinctive, appealing, and much celebrated across the globe. And so the life of Josh Rouse, of the Artist, is reflected in this set of new recordings, a new album, his ninth overall, and with the simple title, ‘Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations’.

And the album is steeped in the future – a new decade in 2011, and on toward the years ahead. This is a future where the world is no longer carved into distinct small units, where life has become universal – a melting pot of different cultures, and personalities, and influences – one reflecting a cosmopolitan spirit, with no boundaries. This is also a future where technology breaks down barriers and distance. It is a world that has enabled an album to be recorded for posterity, in part in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in Barcelona, and on to Valencia, Spain, where it is gathered together as a cohesive whole. Indeed, Valencia – the city of arts and sciences embracing the avant garde and the futuristic – one that could be said to epitomize, the future.

Thursday 26th January : 7.30pm: Tickets £15adv
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