Themed Events involving Rainbows

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The Idea :  To create a rainbow across the site.  How it worked :  Given our ongoing relationship with Rainbows it is perhaps surprising that we got around to installing one so late in the Building Sight events.  So as to deal with the shortness of time available to create an installation and take it down we decided to create it with balloons. Creating a Rainbow in balloons proved difficult due to need to create a rainbow arc with what were…


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The Rainbow Dinner Party took place at the Blackie on Sunday 5th October 1980. This was the second Rainbow evening, the first was a celebration at the end of installing the Inner City Rainbows.  The 1980 Dinner Party was not only  part of our rainbow themed events, it was also one of the Blackie's Pleasant Sunday Evenings. These were social evenings for a small number of guests (adults and young people) built around food, entertainment and…


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A three day participatory exhibition as part of the 1978 Hayward Annual, at the Hayward Gallery, London. This was the Hayward Annual which was curated by a women only team of artists.   We displayed pictures of The Inner City Rainbows, and provided a library of books about rainbows, both real and imaginary, in technical detail and in myth; a file of our own rainbow ideas; and blank sheets of paper with pens in rainbow colours. Visitors viewed…


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The Blackie is next to Chinatown and we have long taken some part in the Chinese New Year celebrations.  In 1984, the Year of The Rat, (re-branded as the Year Of The Mouse - don't ask) we did a street stall with trays of sugar mice in the 6 rainbow colours.  The many people who come to see the Dragon Dance and celebrate Chinese New Year were invited to make a wish for the New Year and enjoy a sugar mouse.   The stall in China Town with…


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A set of six table mats each with a rainbow image and a set of 6 coasters each boxed.  The rainbow images were drawn from previous rainbow events and are set against a white background.  The coasters contained proposals for the formation of a Rainbow Party.   Rainbow images used:-  1. Musical Rainbow from Inner City Rainbows - August 1978 2. Rainbow in Traction from Many Hands Make Art Work - February 1980 3. Rainbow Snail from…


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Many Hands Make Art Work was the Blackie's 5th  Rainbow Project and its 4th participatory exhibition at Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery.   It took place in what was then the Education Room and was open during Gallery hours from Monday 23rd February to Saturday 28th February 1981. In Blackie terms a 'participatory exhibition' is one where a good deal of what is seen is created by those who come to see it.  'Many Hands' differed from previous…


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The Idea Young people were invited to use rainbow-coloured materials to create 'something' they would like to find at the end of a rainbow.  These items were then displayed in a multi compartmented box ( a copy of the box originally devised for My Room). The young people picked a compartment for their object. They then  had a choice of Rainbow coloured materials including felt, wool, ribbons, cottons, dyed pipe cleaners, paints and Pentel…


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The visit to Poland resulted from a visit by Andrzej Kostolowski (art historian and critic) with two performance artists to the Blackie in 1979.  The invitation which came in July in 1980 was for Judy Bates (myself) to attend the 13th Plener Miastko entitled 'Little Activities in Art'  to be held on 1st-20th September 1980 in Swieszyno. The Polish Pleners of that time were forums for artists from Poland and the Soviet bloc countries, plus a few…


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The first of the Blackie's Rainbow projects - inspired by the political debate of the time on regenerating the inner cities, by the work of the artist Patrick Hughes (  and by the Blackie's own tradition of public art, took place in the summer of 1978. The Blackie put on some form of summer cultural activity outside of the building from as early as 1969 (Lorry Theatre) - this was called 'summer theatre' …


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