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Reading List for Education For All   1870 Education Act* 1944 Education Act* Half Our Future by Sir John Newsham* 1870 Education Act Folder Much Ado About Education by Anne Corbett Democracy and Education by John Dewey (especially chapter 1. - Education as a Necessity of Life & Chapter 2 - Education as a Social Function) * The School That I'd Like by Edward Blishen (espcially chapters - All Kid Are equal & This Almighty God)* Into Work…


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Education For All was the third of the Blackie's participatory theatre shows. It was commissioned jointly by St Helen's Council through its Education Department and North West Arts.  It celebrated the 100th anniversary of the 1870 Education Act. Preparations for the Show started with research - all possible participants were provided with a Reading List much of which was compulsory. ( The Reading List can be accessed by clicking here). So by the…


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This was the Blackie's second piece of model theatre on the education system - the first in 1970 was "Education for All". Educational Darts was created at the invitation of the Liverpool EPA (Educational Priority Areas) project in conjunction with the Vauxhall Home Office Project and the WEA (Workers Educational Association). Left image from publicity poster It took place at Salisbury Centre, Salisbury Street, Liverpool 3 and was performed on…


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< Previous #2 Sanctuary "The environment in which Sanctuary took place was constructed to resemble a large game board; as the audience entered they became participants in a game which was policed by members of the cast who wore arm bands to differentiate them from the participants.. A road system within the environment…


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