The Arts Council Report on 'The Arts and The Community' - May 1970

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 The following Report was compiled by a sub-Committee of the Arts Council's New Activities Committee. This included Bill and Wendy Harpe who were alternate members of the New Activities Committee plus Griselda Grimond, Jenny Harris and Rufus Harris.

It is, as far as we know, the first Report in which the Arts Council is asked to consider the role of the arts in community settings.  Despite resulting from an Arts Council Committee specifically set up to look at new work (of which the arts and the community was one area); the Report  was not well received and The Arts Council did not publish it. However the Blackie did publish it. The Arts  Council phoned to tell us we could not publish it as they had the copyright.  But  we already had.

Several months later the Arts Council phoned to ask if they could have copies of 'our' Report.  It  turned out, that despite the lack of interest in the UK,  the European Council of Stuttgart had come across it and as a result wanted to visit to look at the work being done in the UK.  This visit led to the publication of Socio Cultural Equipment No. 3.  Despite its title this should be required reading for anyone looking at the history of the Community Arts.

The sub-Committee's remit was "to investigate the relation between the arts and social services, community development, education and youth work". The Report comes in 4 sections,  1) the Report itself including Recommendations and Personnel  2) A short list of organisations working in the community arts,  3) a list of Govenrmental and Voluntary Agencies  which had relevance to the community arts and 4) A bibliography. 

Below 1 to 10 is the report,  11 is the list of community arts organisations,  12 the governmental and voluntary agencies, 13 the bibliography.  Obviously 11, 12 and 13 are well out of date but they do give some idea of how community arts was being positioned in the 1970s

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