Community Arts? Learning from the Legacy of Artists'; Social Initiatives Sunday 1 November, 2015

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The Conference "Community Arts? Learning from the Legacy of Artists' Social Initiatives" took place at the Black-E on November 1st 2015.  It was convened by The Liverpool Biennial and Andrea Phillips, in association with Visible Award 2015 and Tate Liverpool

The programme was as follows:-

10.30-11.00 Registration and coffee.

Theaudience arrivingAudience and speakers having coffee

People socialising at the start of the dayRosie cooper in conversation

Above and below the audience arriving and speakers and audience having coffee, and the room at the start of the Conference.

The audience settling down at the start of the ConferenceThe room at the start of the Conference

11.00-11.15 Introduction and welcome: Sally Tallant and Andrea Phillips

Sally Tallent opening the Conference Andea Phillips introducing the Conference to the delegates

Above Sally Tallant welcoming the delegates and explaining the background to the Conference and Andrea Phillips outlining where we had got to in terms of practice

11.15-11.45 Introducing The Black-E: Wendy and Bill Harpe

Bill & Wendy Harpe introducing the Black-E's work in the visual artsBill & Wendy Harpe describing the Room of Doors - their first visual arts project

Above Bill & Wendy Harpe introducing the work of The Black-E in the visual arts over the last 40 plus years.

11.45-12.20  What is at stake in community practice? What have we learned?  Wendy Harpe, Frances Rifkin, Alan Read, chaired by Jason Bowman.

The first panelFrancis Rifkin at the podium

Above is the first panel - from left to right Jason Bowman,  Wendy Harpe, Francis Rifkin with Alan Read at the podium. And a photo of Francis Rifkin at the podium.

The panels could choose how they did their presentations but in general they chose to allow each panel member to speak in turn followed by a brief general discussion at the end with some chance for the audience to ask questions.

12.20-13.05 How can we bring the legacy of community arts into the present? Loraine Leeson in conversation with Sophie Hope, Ania Bas, and Ed Webb-Ingall, chaired by Andrea Phillips

Panel 2 Andrea Phillips and Loraine Leeson listening to one of their panel members at the podium

From the left Ania Bas, Ede Webb Ingall,  Andrea Phillips, Lorraine Leeson  with Sophie Hope at the podium with a close up of Andrea and Lorraine.

13.05-14.00 Lunch by Homebaked

Homebaked serving lunchHomebaked serving lunch

Homebaked serving lunch - the poster shows their strap line 'Brick by brick , loaf by loaf' '

14.00-14.45 What kind of organisations do we need to develop to work with communities and how does this affect how we re-imagine galleries and museums?  Nato Thompson, Anna Colin, Anna Cutler, chaired by Sally Tallant.

Sally Tallant chairing Panel 3

Panel 3 from the left Nato Thompson, Anna Colin, Anna Cutler and Sally Tallant.

14.45-15.25 How can we learn from the practices of the past and develop new models for the future without losing our values?  Sonia Boyce, Laura Raicovich, Polly Brannan, chaired by Janna Graham

sally Tallant chairing the  Panel

In the event Janna did not make it so this Panel was also chaired by Sally Tallant. From the left Sonia Boyce, Polly Brannan, Laura Raicovich and Sally Tallant.

15.25-15.40 Coffee break

15.40-16.25 Politics and participation: housing, arts and Liverpool - what is necessary here? Jeanne van Heeswijk with Britt Jurgensen, Homebaked; Fran Edgerley, Assemble with Joe Farrag, Granby CLT; and Nina Edge, chaired by Rosie Cooper

The last panel chaired by Rosie CooperThe last panel in operation with a slide of the

Above 2 views of the last panel from left to right  Fran Edgerley, of Assemble with Joe Farrag, Granby CLT;  Rosie Cooper (Chair), Nina Edge,  and Jeanne van Heeswijk with Britt Jurgensen, from Homebaked. First with a slide from Homebaked and the second with a slide of Granby CLT Project

16.25-16.45 Screening of And On the Eighth Day, Granada Films, 1969 (23 mins) introduced by Wendy and Bill Harpe

6.50-17.00 Closing remarks: Sally Tallant and Andrea Phillips

In the event people asked for more time to debate and ask questions and space was found for this after the last Panel Session, Andrea Phillips summed up and the film 'On The Eighth Day' was shown at the very end of the Conference.

Audience member asking questionsAudience member asking questions

Photo of the audience

Above photos of the audience and individual members asking questions. 

The Conference was well attended (around 230 people) and also present on social media.  It was live streamed on Periscope - there is a detailed report on live-blog for e-Flux, and commentaries on Colouring in Culture

You will find a complete set of photos on the Biennial's Facebook page.