Medium Paint Theatre 8th July 1969

Submitted by root on Tue, 08/27/2013 - 19:38

Have no idea what this event was. We simply have a record that it happened.  It was a private event - which meant by invitation only - and cost the princely sum of  £3.00.   Given the title we suspect that it was an event which included participants painting an area, having tea and coffee and listening to the group Manic Depression.  

However this would be a good opportunity to mention Medium who were a group of young people who published a duplicated magazine called 'Medium'.  They were based in the room below the office (which later became the print room with a printing press). They also took part in a number of events and helped maintain the building - which meant bringing new areas into use.

Anyone able to provide further information on the members and activities of Medium, and of  Paint Theatre, please get in touch.