‘How Does Your Garden Grow’ July/August 1988

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To celebrate the Blackie's 20th birthday and the opening of the extended and completed ground floor as 'The Blackie Gallery', a six week cycle of contemporary textile exhibitions was introduced, with a new exhibition each week.

'How Does Your Garden Grow' was the first exhibition in the series of theme-based textile exhibitions. It was a personal collection of 'real' gardens. Batik, embroideries, weavings, collages and fabric paintings; they have flowers and trees, garden paths and statues - even clothes lines and backyard gates. The stuff of real gardens - whether homely or grand.

The artists were from all over the country and ranged from artists with many years of experience to those who had only just graduated from College.

Artists included:

Lisa Collins (London),   Jane Downer (London),    Grace Erikson (Plymouth),      

Roz Hornbuckle (Llansantffrid),    Claire Johnson (Northwich),    

Nicolette May (Liverpool Polytechnic),    April Mosely (Stafford),       

Glenys Sida (Dyfed),   Pauline Slater (Preston),  Liz Woodyat (Oswestry)  

and  Bella Tweedale (Liverpool).

The Exhibition included the works below, we are unable to identify individual artists works.