Summer In Blue - 1974

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Painting for Summer In Blue In 1974 The Blackie relocated to The Garage in Roscoe Street whilst the first phase of rebuilding started in the Blackie Building.  Summer in Blue was the first summer playscheme run in the Garage. Above blue painting 

The staff faced both a summer playscheme and making the Garage inhabitable. In addition this was the year that  the United Nations Association - who had provided a workcamp of volunteers for the Blackie's  summer playschemes  - changed their policy.  As a result the play scheme would be short staffed.

Summer in Blue started as most playschemes started at the Blackie withPreparing the walls for the frames research and an invitation to people to join in.

Right preparing the wall for the frames

Below is the invite that was sent out prior to the summer.

"Great Georges Project is entering a Blue Period this summer.

In preparation for the Playscheme in Blue which will run during August, we're spending the final weeks of July and the beginning of August creating a blue environment for ourselves and the kids to play/work in.

From July 23rd we'll be creating a pattern of blue frames throughout our building (ceiling as well as rules). Once this pattern is estab;lished, we'll be inviting artists, kids, friends, passerby to choose a frame and create within it a picture in blue. The invitation provides a primitive (but, we hope, interesting) artistic  challenge:-  we offer the freedom to create, on a variety of surfaces, images of  Working inside a framealmost any size  - within the spatial limits of the chosen frame, and within the restrictions of the colour blue.

Left artist working inside a frame

We'd be pleased for you to join us for a day, a week, or longer, to paint a frame,  or a picture of your own choice (an abstract, a cartoon, a still life, an advertisement..) or simply to watch, or to join with less experienced painters in completing a frame.

We'll be open every day, from 10am to 120pm, in The Garage, at the corner of Roscoe Street and Oldham Street (behind leece Street Post Office) Liverpool 1.  Telephone number remains as above - for any further information contact Sally or Mo at the Garage."