Action Space - 1971/2

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Action Space was a Company, based in London,  which started at around the same time as the Blackie. It roots lay in the visual arts. It was set up by Mary and Ken Turner, their friends and artists who shared their concerns about the role of the arts in society.

Anyone who is interested in Community Arts should read Mary Turner's  book 'Action Space Extended'  which charts the history of the Company and its many manifestations.

Action Space used inflatables, and other interactive structures, fairly early on in its work with communities.  They visited the Blackie in the early 1970s bringing their inflatables with them.

Action Space with some of their inflateablesThe inflateable maze

Above an inflatable bed plus cube and part of an inflatable maze. Below more photos of the maze.  The inflatables were blown up by attaching them to a blower seen above and below

an inflateable joined to it inflating blowerThe inflateable mazeThe maze partially inflatedThe maze

The maze consisted of several inflatables which could be joined together in different ways. This can be seen below

The football inflatedThe football fully inflated

Action Space used their inflatables and other structures to give people an opportunity to experience different environments as they crawled through mazes, listened to music and created their own relationships with these blown up structures.