The Ribbon of Peace October/December 1990

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This was an exhibition of a selection of works from the thousands of banners that made up The Ribbon Of Peace. 50 of the 150 individual banners that came to the UK were exhibited at the Blackie.

Each banner was a separate image, sewn or painted onto fabric, depicting what each individual or group loved most or wanted to protect by ending the threat of global pollution and nuclear war. The individual works were made by people from all over the world and from all walks of life. There were images of families, animals, oceans, candles, the seasons, homes, trees, fish, artistic symbols, humorous images and philosophical statements.



The Ribbon began with a remarkable woman, Justine Merritt (1925-2009) who envisioned a great Ribbon of Peace that would encircle the Pentagon in 1985 on the 40th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. During the exhibition at the Blackie Justine Meritt gave a talk on the origins of the Ribbon and her aspirations for it.

Open workshops were held in the Gallery for 10 weeks to allow participants to make a banner that would then be added to The Ribbon these workshops were free and held every Saturday during the exhibition.

Whilst in the UK The Ribbon was displayed in the Houses of Parliament and then toured the country with the assistance of the Co-operative Retail Services Ltd who supported the Peace movement.