The Common Thread – The Scottish T.U.C. Touring Exhibition February/March 1991

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This was an exhibition of 6 banners newly commisioned by the STUC (Scottish Trades Union Council) for the opening of the April 1990 STUC Congress.

Jane Carroll and Alistair McCallum were commisioned to make the banners; both had previously worked for many individual unions in designing and making banners and posters.

The exhibition consisted of woven, printed and hand painted banners, drawings and introductory panels. The centrepiece of the exhibition was a large hand woven banner. These banners were important in the development of trade union banner making in Scotland - a tradition which began over 200 years ago. The banners were also seen by the STUC as marking the Glasgow City of Culture festivities in 1990.                                                     

Six themes were covered: Peace, Progress, Working Women, Scotland, Scotland's Cultures and the City of Glasgow.  

As a lasting testament to the Trade Unions' involvment in Scottish cultural life, four of the banners were gifted to the people of Glasgow. They were given to the Art Galleries and Museums Department of Glasgow District Council after touring the UK.

"Womanweb"  - banners made by women in the North West was on exhibition at the same time.


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