100 years of Womens Banners

Submitted by root on Sun, 09/09/2012 - 00:16

"Great claims are made for the pen, the brush and the sword, but the needle can be as sharp, as mighty and as moving"  Dawn Pavitt.

100 years of Womens Banners was a Grade 2 travelling exhibition and included historical material.

The banners on exhibition came from: Suffragettes, Suffragists, The Co-operative Womens Guild, The Womens Temperance Movement, as well as Trade Unions, The Labour party, Greenham Women for Peace, Miners Support Groups, C.N.D., Churches, Chapels. There were also many International banners.

On show were banners made from cotton, linen, flag- bunting, silk, velvet and nylon. These were painted, appliqued, embroidered and patchworked. Within this historic collection connections between past and present campaigns could be seen. Some of the banners were made by women for their campaigns for womens rights. Others were made by women for organisations in the wider campaign for peace and social justice.

As ex M.P. Lord Jo Grimond said in 1979:  "We are entering new dark ages of individualism, mysticism and right wing Christianity, exploiting the new technologies". The conditions he prophesied - and similar conditions in the past - have always been productive times for the sewing machines and scissors, paint pots and paint brushes of the banner makers.

More information on the exhibition (with opportunities for hosting) was available by contacting Thalia Campbell.