Building Sight - Banners - 25/ 26 Feb 1975

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Layout for A bannerBanners consisted of a display of large banners hung across the site containing thoughts largely based upon the experience of working at the Blackie. In short Blackie Sayings.

The Banners were created specially for the event.  As can be seen from the picture on the left this was done by laying out the words to see how they looked - normally trying several layouts before deciding what would work in the space. The layout was then transferred to the yellow material used for the banners and the words were then painted on with red paint.

Blackie Sayings

The Mind Is A Muscle.

You Cannot Have Democracy Without a Common Language - And We Do Not Have A Common Language.

Children Learn Their Facts In The Classroom And Their Morality In The Playground

We Are The Food We Eat - We Are The Games We Play.

When You Give A Space A Name It Limits What People Think They Can Do In It.

What You Want Is What You Get - The Problem Is Knowing what You Want.

Play Is An Evolutionary Activity

The Definition Of Frontiers May Be Civilised The Erection Of Barriers Across Frontiers Is Generally Uncivilised.

Consider Floor Mopping As a Zen Activity.

Making The Banners

Painting the BannersPainting a Banner Putting the finishing touches to a Banner

The Banners In Situ

Banners in placeSingle banner in black and whiteBlack &White Banner in situSingle Banner in Black and WhiteSingle Banner in Black and WhiteBlack and white single BannerFour banners in colour suspended on site.