Building Sight - Ghost Riders - 1/2 February 1975

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The Idea.  This installation was created  by Robin Riley; (his second installation for Building Sight); the following is his description of it. "Ghost Riders In The Sky (title of song) was used as sound for the event. The shift from church to community arts centre is a great cultural conversion but should be seen as a natural event.  The installation is about regeneration and transition, many creation myths have at their centre part formed people - music of the spheres (pop songs) - falling to earth from space.  I included a parachute to ensure a safe landing in an unfinished building which will be come a creative centre for the future.

How It Worked.

Mannequin on siteMannequins were places around the building site - the centre being dominated by the parachute with figures still attached. Below a photo of the figures being installed

 The figures being installedThe figures below the parachute and above

Above the figures under and within the parachute and below the parachute spanning the building site

the parachute spread out over the figures across the site.wide view of the figures within the parachute and aroundf the site


Left picture of a wide view of mannequins within the parachute and below a close up view.

A clos-up view of the figures within the parachute