The Bird Works On Tour

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The Birds Works came out of The Flower Works, originally a Gallery Game played in staff games sessions and then played with young people in playschemes both at the Blackie and on tour.

The basis of the game remained the same, players were given coloured paper and a range of material relating to a specific area of activity or place (bike parts, office items etc.) and with this material a they made a bird on the coloured paper.  On tour the different materials availble were mounted on boards so that players had a sense of what they could and would be using.

electrical materials mounted on boardBicycle parts mounted on board

Ofrice materials mounted on boardmaterial relating to tea mounted on a board

We also put up samples of the Flower Works made at the Blackie as examples of what could be achieved.

2 flower works made from materials associated with babiesDisplay of flower works behind people running the event

Samples of Flower Works and the Exhibition of Flower Works in the background

Not only was there the Exhibition but we also provided books with illustrations of a huge range of birds. As can be seen from the photographs below the workshops were popular with very young kids and with teenagers something not easy to achieve.

Making the worksMaking the worksmaking the worksmaking the works Making the works

As we have found with all games where people are given something to do within very definite limits the finished works are as varied as the  individuals who made them.

Finished work VulthairFinished work

Finished work The GreeningoFinished work Pipe Billed Wader Finished work The High Tea Kite

Finished work Tape Goose Finished work Tern-A-Hair

  Finished work Teacock Finished work The Eiectric Duck

As the works were finished they were put up on display.

Exhibiting the Bird Works in the workshops Bird works on display inthe workshops

At the end of the Bird Works Tour the works were mounted and exhibited in a local library and at MPAC (Merseyside Play Action Council).  After the Exhibitions the people who made the works had the opportunity to take their work home.  Those not wanted were kept by The Blackie.

Putting up the exhibitionThe Bird work Exhibition in the library

Opening display board works displayed in the libraryThe Sample boards on display

  Bird works on displayBird Works on Display in the library

The Bird Works on display in the Library

Sally Morris hanging works


The Bird Work Tour was part of  MPAC's Artists In Play and took place in Croxteth Youth Club and Belle Vale Adventure Play Ground (and possibly) in other places but we lack information on that). It was led by Sally Morris - again we do not have the information on who worked with her on this.  If anyone recognises any of the workers in the pictures please let us have their names.

Sally Morris hanging works

The Flower and Bird Works are regularly displayed in the Black-E Gallery as part of The Games of Art.