Hand To Hand

Submitted by root on Sat, 04/30/2016 - 17:53

Hand To Hand - a complicated meeting of fingersThis Exhibition resulted from a Meeting And Greeting Game.

The players were invited to move around,  each time they met another player they created a hand-greeting repeating this three times until both partners are happy with the hand-greeting created.

Both players must contribute equally to the greeting (that is, the greeting does not reveal one active player and one passive player).

This was the original hand greeting game. It was finally so successful that people were invited to have their 'Greeting' photographed and a selection of these were mounted and exhibited under the title 'Hand To Hand' as part of the Games of Art.

Hand To Hand 2  clasped handsHand To Hand 3 hands back to backHand to Hand 4 Fingers interlockedHand To Hand 5 The spce between the thumbs and 1st finger interlinked.Hand To Hand 6 Hands meet palm to palmHand to Hand  7 Little finger to little fingerHand To Hand 8  Clenched knuckles to clenched knucklesHand To Hand 9  Finger and thumb form an O and the Os meet. Hand To Hand 10  Two small hands meet third finger to third fingerHand To Hand  11  Small hand lies through the grasp of a larger handHand To Hand 12 Fingers interlocked and thumbs touchingHand To Hand 13  The fingers of one hand rest lightly on the fingers of another r Hand To Hand 14  The back of the fingers rest on the front of the fingers - both hands palms up. - the back of Hand To Hand 15  Large and small hand 1st and 2nd fingers touchHand To Hand 16  Knuckles clenched and meet at rightangles to each other.Hand To Hand  17  Hands grip each other thumbs inter locked Hand To Hand 18  Bent fingers hook over each other to  link handshand To Hand  19 Cupped hand rest on back of  horizontal handHand To hand  20  Small hand  fingers spread rest palm down on big hand palm up Hand to hand 21 Fingers slotted into each other thumbs spread