Building Sight - Flower Show - 26/27 Oct 1974

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The Idea was simple - to create a Flower Show on site.  The idea was put to Liverpool City Council's  Department of Recreation and Open Spaces who agreed to do it.

How It worked - on Friday evening lorries rolled up filled with plants. The 'gardeners' proceeded to unload these and  create a flower garden complete with paths.  Obviously years of laying out bedding plants across Liverpool's parks came in handy, but what was impressive was the way they understood the need to work so that the viewers would get maximum impact.

Below one can see the results.

The Flower Show in situclose up of the Flower GardenFlower beds divided by paths The Flower Show viewd through the horizontal girdersThe Flower Show viewed through the steel workFlower Shows viewed through the steel work

End Notes

From the Blackie's perspective this was one of the easier installations.  Once we had the idea the Parks and Gardens people did the rest.

This gave us time to take the basic leaflet and add different flowers to each one.  Below is a couple of examples.

Poster for Flower ShowFlower Show Poster 2