Building Sight - Like Stars In Your Eyes - 22/23 February 1975

Submitted by root on Mon, 11/24/2014 - 14:34

Like Stars In Your Eyes was an installation by Clive Dilnot.  There are  no photographs of this installation.  However the original proposal still exists and represents pretty much what happened.



1)  The  title of the work as above

2) To consist of nine two feet diameter circular white (cool white) fluorescent lights distributed across the far south wall of Gt. Georges.

3) The lights to be placed at random positions selected by chance procedures.

4) However all lights must be visible, in  entirety, from the viewing platform (i.e. all 360 degrees of each light must be visible).

 Where this does not naturally occur, when an object intervenes between the line of sight of viewer and the chance position of the light an the wall,  the light must be moved, minimally, to a position where it can be seen in total.

 5) Finally, in regard to the positioning of the lights, it is considered that each light occupies a significant area of wall space (an 11ft diameter circle about the centre of each light) and that no other light may either occupy space within this radius or be more than the distance off two radii (i.e.11ft) from its nearest neighbour.

6) With regard to the interior space of Great Georges all colours except black, grey or grey brown are to be eliminated.

7) The light is to be constant.

8) The work is to be anonymous


Clive Dilnot January 1975