Building Sight - Light Now - 9/10 Nov 1974

Submitted by root on Wed, 11/05/2014 - 12:18

The Koan lit on siteLight Now was an installation created by artist Liliane Lijn. Liliane  is recognised for pioneering the interaction of art, science, technology, eastern philosophy and female mythologies.  She  describes her work as "A constant dialogue between opposites, my sculptures use light and motion to transform themselves from solid to void, opaque to transparent, formal to organic."

She is particularly known for her Koan series and this, plus lasers formed the basis of the light game she played across the site.

The Result.

Below are three more photographs of the event - not great because photographing lights in darkness - all the windows were 'blacked out' for the event -  proved difficult.

Koan in the distanceClose up of Koan on sitewider view of the lit site