Building Sight - Level - 16/17 November 1974

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viewing the levels in place Level was the first of three installations created by Liverpool sculptor Robin Riley. 

Robin is a member of Liverpool Academy of Art; has taught at various colleges of art and Manchester University; created public sculptures in Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, etc.;  and exhibited among other places at The I.C.A. London. He works in a range of materials which include wood, fibre glass, concrete and plastic.

Level was an exploration, using the actual palindromic word LEVEL,  of space and depth across the steel structures within the building the site.

Below is Robin's own description of the installation plus his original diagram for the layout:-

"The letters were 50cm to 2m in height and painted bright yellow, they were hung within the steel framework to read as a palindrome in the three dimensions, the size difference of the letters enabled a false perspective in the visual space. 

The steel structure is in place but no floors and the floors must be horizontal and LEVEL, the palindrome is the way to the future works that will be made here.

Possible layout for LEVEL

Below are a couple of photographs of the letters partially in place.

Levels  in situ Picture of levels


For 'Level', as for all the installations we created both a variation of the leaflet and a banner to go outside the dome to attract passers-by. 

poster for LevelsCreating the banner

Above Poster for Level and creating the Banner.