Building Sight - Christmas Decorations - 21/22 December 1974

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Christmas decorations amidst the beamsThe Idea:   Decorate the building site for Christmas.

How it worked: First we had to source the decorations.  And since alongside the decorations there would be Christmas trees we had to go and find somemwhere we could saw down trees, and collect other greenery. 

Once we had collected the decorations we simply decorated the site.  The 'we' in this case was the Blackie staff and the older lads.  The event was enlivened by Eddie Tago, who whilst decorating the roof, trod on the plaster and lathes between the wooden struts, which then gave way.  From below one could see Eddies legs waving around 60 feet up in the air. Fortunately he was retrieved before more of the roof gave way.

Christmas tree on site at balcony levelChristmas trees on siteChristmas trees on site below the balcony level in colour

Above three pics of the Christmas trees on the building site

Distant view of the  Christmas decorations among the steel girdersClose up of the Christmas decorations showing two Father  ChristmasesClose up of  lanterns and yet another Father ChristmasChristmas decs between steel girders close-up

Christmas decorations between the steel girders.

Centre of the ceiling decorated with tinsel and lanternsRoof decorations in close up

Above the roof struts decorated with tinsel and lanterns

The ContextSince this was our Christmas installation - it became our 'Christmas Party'.  We sent out invitations and served our visitors mince pies, punch, etc. 

Publicity The posters for this event were made more interesting by a donation of 'scraps'  (that is things one sticks in scrapbooks) from the front of Christmas Crackers - we stuck different 'scraps' on each poster.