Building Sight - Beaming - 7/8 December 1974

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Picture of the poster for beamingThe Idea : create a series of slogans around the word 'beam'  - so it drew upon the humour of young people and those who liked puns.

How It Worked :  people spent time coming up with appropriate phrases -  the final list included the following:-

Light Beam : Coffee Beam : Wood've Beam : Shouldn't have beam : Beamerang :   Beamz Meanz Heinz : Beam With Delight : BE AMong The First : Has Beams :  Full Of Beams : Butter Beam : Full Beam Ahead : We've beam along here : Beam and Gone : Beamless.

These  were transfered onto card - some times with appropriate visuals - and then hung upon the beams across the building site.

LIGHT BEAM  and COFFEE BEAM sign on the site.BEAM WITH DELIGHT sign vertically up a beamWood've beam and Shouldn't have beam signs hung on siteFULL OF BEAMS sign horizontal  on the site.Full  Beam Ahead and   Has Beams low down on the site.Beanz meanz Heinz sign

Pictures above of the slogans on the site.

The Team This event was created by Judy Bates (now Gough),  with help from  Fred Cavanagh, Kevin Cheung, Robert Comush, Della Cooke, Gerard Elliot, Claire Fazan, Terry Fraser, Lesley Gibbons, Ian Jackson, Anne Lundon, Carlene Lundon, Richardo Neufville, Francis Rowan, Mark Rusher, and John Wilcock.