Building Sight - Balloons - 4/5 and 19th January 1975

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The Idea:  To create a coloumn of Helium filled white balloons which went from the bottom to the top of the building site. This would hopefully sway in the wind which at this stage of rebuilding swept through the site.

This turned out to be the first  of three installations involving balloons.

How It worked :   the simplicity of the idea masks the actual work involved in the installation.  It took several hours of filling balloons with Helium, making sure that they were all inflated to approximately the same size,  and then tying them together to create a column.

Filling the ballooons with HeliumFilling the balloons with Helium

Above Wendy Harpe and Dave Rickus inflating the Balloons

The Balloons In Situ

The balloons in black and white from floor to roofThe top half of the coloumn emerging above the balconyThe ballons meeting the roof

The Balloon Column above in black and white and below under coloured lights

The base of the ballons in colourTop half of the balloons litBalloons from floor to ceiling under coloured lights

Balloons 2

We did a second balloon event a fortnight later in which we attempted to create a balloon globe.

This was far less successful as even getting the balloons to form a globe let alone keeping the balloons in a globe shape against the ravages of the wind proved decidedly more difficult - as can be seen in the pictures below.  However it did look like an alien plant in the space so was visually quite interesting.

An attempt at a globe made out of white balloonsBalloon globe photographed from belowBallooons seen between the girders Balolons looking very unglobe likeballoons in a globe shape lit

Above various shots of the Balloon Globe in situ.