Building Sight - Rainbow - 15/16 February 1975

Submitted by root on Wed, 12/03/2014 - 16:10

The Idea :  To create a rainbow across the site. 

How it worked :  Given our ongoing relationship with Rainbows it is perhaps surprising that we got around to installing one so late in the Building Sight events.  So as to deal with the shortness of time available to create an installation and take it down we decided to create it with balloons.

Creating a Rainbow in balloons proved difficult due to need to create a rainbow arc with what were very mobile objects.  However initially the result looked good.

half a rainbowRainbow made of balloonsTop of the rainbow


Above half the Rainbow and a  somewhat brightly lit finished Rainbow.  Right the top of the Rainbow showing the open roof of the building site.

Although it is not often visible in the photographs of the  Building Sight installations we were working on a site which was open to the elements - so in February not only was it cold but also often windy.

Sadly, as can be seen below, the Rainbow did not survive well in these conditions.

Teh rainbow blown around the site

The Rainbow blown around the site.