Rainbows at Dinner - Set Of Rainbow Mats - 1982

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A set of six table mats each with a rainbow image and a set of 6 coasters each boxed.  The rainbow images were drawn from previous rainbow events and are set against a white background.  The coasters contained proposals for the formation of a Rainbow Party.  

Rainbow images used:- 

1. Musical Rainbow from Inner City Rainbows - August 1978

Musical stave in rainbow colours

2. Rainbow in Traction from Many Hands Make Art Work - February 1980

Rainbow in hospital bed bandaged and in traction

3. Rainbow Snail from Rainbows Over Poland - September 1980

Picture of giant rainbow snail

4. Rainbow Italiano from a Rainbow Dinner Party - October 1980


Fork with strand of spaghetti each one a different rainbow colour

5. Every Cloud Has a Rainbow Lining from Games For a Rainy Day - Sept 1978

Picture of cloud with a rainbow at one edge

6. So That's Where Petrol Comes From - as above.

Rainbow with rain drops forming a rainbow pool of petrol


The Coasters were simply text on a white background. All were headed Proposals for the Creation of a Rainbow Party; and the six coasters, which made up a set, had subtexts as follows:-

1.    Manifesto : This is equally a womanfesto.

2.    Belief : That everyone has at least a thousand and one rainbows inside them.

3.    Membership: World-wide, embracing all colours, all ages, and all good humours.

4.    Activities: Events in expected and unexpected places for the expected and unexpected creation of rainbows.

5.   Social Aims :P to change society in an artful way.

6.   Financial aims : To restore the gift to the heART of the economy.     

Manifest coaster Belief Coaster 

Membership Coaster  Activities coaster 

Social Aims Coaster Financila aims coaster

The Project was led by Judy Bates (now Gough) and Bill Harpe with input from Blackie staff.  The images were printed by Higgins & Sons of Liverpool, the mats were made by Celluware of Consett Co Durham.  We printed 500 sets, we sent around 50 to Blackie supporters and friends and the rest we sold.  Sadly we now have none left. However if anyone out there has money to fund it we'd love to reprint them.