Rainbow Mice - for Chinese New Year - 1984

Submitted by root on Wed, 03/28/2012 - 13:44

The Blackie is next to Chinatown and we have long taken some part in the Chinese New Year celebrations.  In 1984, the Year of The Rat, (re-branded as the Year Of The Mouse - don't ask) we did a street stall with trays of sugar mice in the 6 rainbow colours.  The many people who come to see the Dragon Dance and celebrate Chinese New Year were invited to make a wish for the New Year and enjoy a sugar mouse.

Rainbow mice on stall in Chinatown Stall mobbed by people wanting to make wishes and eat sugar mice

The stall in China Town with Rainbow Mice and people waiting to make their wishes.

young peopple writing down their wisheswishes begin to go up on the board

Young people writing their wishes and wishes begin to go up on the board

People reading wishes before they are put up

Sally and Neil reading out the wishes before they are displayecd

This event was led by Sally Morris assisted by Neil Johnson and Margaret McHale.