Games For A Rainy Day -September 1978

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A three day participatory exhibition as part of the 1978 Hayward Annual, at the Hayward Gallery, London. This was the Hayward Annual which was curated by a women only team of artists.


Layout of the exhibition showing exhibiiton plus tables and csairs

We displayed pictures of The Inner City Rainbows, and provided a library of books about rainbows, both real and imaginary, in technical detail and in myth; a file of our own rainbow ideas; and blank sheets of paper with pens in rainbow colours.

Visitors viewed the Exhibition, read the books, looked at the file of rainbow drawings and in many cases went on to do their own drawings. One of the things to be noted about an exhibition like this is the range of people who get involved. It is not as might be expected all children or young people.

 People viewing the exhibition People viewing the exhibition and staff preparing fro vsitors   

People viewing the exhibition and staff set up for visitors

Visitor reading rainbow books visitors viewing the rainbow ideas  

Visitors reading about rainbows and looking at rainbow ideas. 

People drawing rainbows Visitors drawing rainbows

Visitors drawing rainbows Roger Daltry drawing a rainbow

Visitors drawing Rainbows

Over the three days we had more than 170 visitors and produced 140 rainbow images/ideas.

The Exhibition was led by Judy Bates (now Gough) and Bill Harpe with assistance from Anna Leon, Stephen Knox, Margaret McHale, Dave Rickus, and Dorothy Williams. With thanks to Kevin No Rovens who came up with the title for the exhibition in a Blackie staff meeting.