The 20th Birthday Celebrations - Sally & Judy's Party - 27th May 1988

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Sally Morris' & Judy Bates, (now Gough)  Party

12 noon The Guo Brothers - on the steps of the dome.

The Guo Brothers on the dome steps at the front of The BlackieClose up of the Guo Brothers on the Dome stepsPeople listening to the Guo Brothers on the Dome steps

Above the Guo Brothers playing on the dome steps and people watching them

3pm The dansant  - an afternoon of ballroom dancing hosted by Roland Miller  and Shirley Cameron with top ballroom dancers The Taylors.

This was in the tradition of afternoon tea dances.  It was hosted by the performance artists Shirley Cameron and Roland Miller.

The dancing took place in the basement - the room was decorated with palms and the tables went round the room leaving the centre for dancing

Judy mopping the floorThe room being preparedThe room prepared for the dancing

Above the room being prepared for the Tea Dance and left the room at the start of the event.  Below Roland in his costume decorated with tea cups and Shirley in her afternoon get up.


Roland and Shirley with guestsRoland and Shirley take to the dance floor

Above Roland and Shirley with guests and taking to the dance floor and below the professionals show how it is done

The Taylors prepare to dance The Taylors dancing

Above the Taylors dancing below the rest of us take to the floor

Wendy and Bill join the dancers People dancing

In the middle of the dance there was the second Birthday cake

 The 4 tiered Birthday CakeJudy and Sally toasting the cake and the BlackieJudy and Sally cutting the cake

Above the 4 tier Cake, Judy and Sally leading the toast and cutting the cake. Below the cake being served and the dancing continues for the rest of the afternoon.

The cake being served to the guestsThe dancing continues

5pm Northumbrian Music with Chris and Cathy Ormston

The Ormstons specialise in Northumbrian music.  Chris Ormston plays the Northumbrian Pipes and today is recognised as a master of his craft.  During the 20th Birthday they  seem to have performed both in the coffee area and in the Lecture Theatre. Sadly we have only a few photographs of them.

Chris and Cathy in concertThe Ormstons in ConcertCathy and Chris Ormston in the coffee bar area


Above and left Chris and Cathy Ormston in concert and performing on  the coffee bar stage.

8pm Concert with the Guo Brothers and the Drones

The Guo Brothers were very busy during the 20th Birthday Celebrations, they performed on the stage in the coffee bar area, on the dome steps (see above) and had two concerts, one during Sally and Judy's Party and one on Saturday 28th. 

This was not their first visit to the Blackie.  The Blackie 'discovered' them busking in Covent Garden in the early 80s and invited them to take part in a number of events of which this was one.  

The Guo Brothers on stage The Guo Brothers in concertThe Guo Brothers in concert The Guo Brothers in concert

Bowing to the audienceThe amazing chinese flute in its box

Above the Guo Brothers in  Concert.  As can be seen they play a wide range of Chinese instruments.

The photos below are of the contemporary folk group The Drones in concert.

The Drones play original acoustic music and songs with cello, mandolin, clarinet, percussion, car parts, toys, birdcalls, musical saw, items from the garden shed...and so on.  They are still working and playing gigs to-day

The Drones in concertThe Drones in concert

One of the DronesThe Drones with a range of instrumentsOne of The DronesOne of The DronesThe percussionistThe Drones in concert

Above The Drones in concert with their multiplicity of instruments.

12 Midnight  A feast of Indian music and dance with Surya Kumari and musicians.

Surya relaxing during rehearsals

Surya Kumari had been a star in Bollywood - she was a very beautiful and talented lady - being an actress, singer, musician and dancer.  By the time of the 20th Birthday she  had been visiting the Blackie for a number of years - taking part in playschemes and events such as Garden Dances.  For the 20th Birthday she arrived with a number of musicians - sadly we do not have their names - and sang and danced into the early morning. Left Surya relaxing in rehearsal

Surya performingSurya performingSurya performing

Above Surya dancing and below Surya playing and singing with her musicians followed by photos of the individual musicians.

Surya playing and singingSurya singing with her musicians Surya playing with her fellow musicans The musiciansOne of the musicians