The 20th Birthday Celebrations - Kevin&'s & Nicky's Party - 26th May 1988

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3-10pm Kevin Rowan's & Nicky Dewison's Party (for Blackie regulars aged 12 and under).

We know that 'The Party' included a puppet theatre, a Clown who did magic and comedy, a disco and of course food and a birthday cake.  What is less clear is the actual running order of events, so below is an educated guess.

3pm - 4.30pm Cartoon Film show, Puppet Theatre and Comedy/Magic.

The puppets were provided by Hand-In-Hand Puppets from Manchester run by Hugh and Pat Brennan.  They were followed by Bobo's Magic Show where Bobo The Clown provided comedy and magic.

The Clown setting up a trickBobbo The Clown with volunteersselecting a volunteer from the audienceClown doing a magic trick with a young helperThe audience being instructed to cheer and clap

Above the clown performing with young volunteers.  

All the above took place in the lecture theatre and was staffed by clowns (or rather the staff) dressed as clowns. The young people and the 'clowns' then moved into the studio where there was food and the Birthday cake.

Judy as a clown Wendy as a clown handing out treatsBill as a clown performing a magic trickJudy, Sally, Wendy and Bill dressed as clowns

 Food and the Birthday Cake

Young people sitting down to eat The party in full swing.

Above the young people sitting down to party food

The Birthday cake for this party was made in the shape of The Blackie and was, we think,  served in the gallery whilst downstairs was cleared for the Disco

The Birthday cake making its entranceThe arrival of the cakeWendy, Bill, Kevin and Nicky posing with the cake

Above the cake arriving and being displayed.

7pm - 10.00  Disco

Top's Disco (sounds Right)  were booked to play from 7pm - 10pm

As can be seen there are no photographs available for the Puppets or the Disco.