Going Away Games - The Fluxus Clinic -7th January 1973

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Game 1  Fill in the form below - the questions can be answered in any order you desire - the completed form should be handed to the people in the coffee bar in the room below.

1.  Do you have more fingers and toes than

     the font has leaves?                                         ______

 2.  Can you obscure one of the rosettes round the balcony with

     your left hand?                                                _______    

3.  How thick is the side arm of a pew in terms of your thumb

    nail?                                                                ________ 

4.  How many pews can you touch simultaneously?  ________             

 5. Are there more entrances and exits in the main auditorium

     than you have orifices in your body?                    _________    

6.  What is the length of the longest pew in term of your

    right arm (finger tip to shoulder)?                        _________

 7.  Which is thicker your thigh or the pillars under the

    balcony?                                                            ________

 8.  How many index fingers high is the staging area

    around the pulpit?                                              _________

 9.  How many times does your body (from feet to head) fit into

    the height of the balcony (from ground floor to the top of

    the balcony rail)?                                               ________

 10. Are there more grooves in a pillar than you

       have joints?                                                  _________ 

11. Can you touch the top of all the doors in the main

    auditorium (with your feet on the floor)?             ________                          

12. How many lights can you see from the auditorium

      /dome door?                                                 _________

 13  Is the pulpit lighter or darker in colour

       than your hair?                                            ________

 14. How many hands does it take to fill

      the  font?                                                    ________

 15. How many people shoulder to shoulder does it

       take to reach across the main auditorium

       (widthways)?                                             __________

 16. How many people can get into the pulpit

     at one time?                                                 _________

 17. How many people finger tip to finger tip does it take to

     reach round the balcony?                               __________

 18.  What is the highest point in the balcony which you can

     touch with your nose?                           ____________         


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Address  ______________________________




Great Georges Project 1973


The above is the form used for the first game in Gpoing Away games.  It is called a Fluxus Clinic - something created in New York by a group led by High Red Centre.  At base it uses your body and in some cases your personal history to comment on/measure the world  around you.