Bar Room Tales - Ken Campbell's Road Show - May 1970

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Ken Campbell's  Road Show - led by the immitable Ken Campbell   - was a group of six performers based in Chorley Lancashire.  The Blackie promoted their Bar Room Tales in May 1970. 

How It Worked

The Blackie paid them a basic fee, They also took collections after the performances - they kept the first £50.00 anything above this was split between us.  We organised 8 performances but they were free to do as many as they wanted.

 The Show

Bar Room Tales consisted of  storys they had heard in pubs, cafes and clubs, from lorry drivers, housewives, salemen, etc. which they then turned into perfamnces. To this they added elements of street/club performances - ferrets down the trousers, escaping from chains, etc. They  performed it in pubs, work canteens, clubs etc. 

During their week in Liverpool they performed in The White House (Duke St.), Plough (Norfolk St), The Weathercock (Mill St.), The Masonic (Berry St.), Queens (Upper Frederick St.), The Letters (Duncan St.),  and The Flat Iron (Park Road).

The Results

Feed back was good and in general the promition went well but Liverpool pubs are Liverpool pubs!  They got robbed after one set of performances but also managed to empty the Masonic when one of them arrived dressed as a policeman.

Ken Campbell Road Show in performance