The Last Poets - Oh My People - 29th May 1988

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Suliman & Jalal performingThe Last Poets (Jalal Mansur  Nuriddin and Suliaman El-Hadi) made their second visit to the Blackie during the 20th Birthday Celebrations when, as part of Stephen Knox's & Jimmy Tagoe's Party,  they performed in concert backed by local musicians, Stuart Kershaw(drums) and Lloyd Massett (guitar).(Above photo of the Last Poets performing )  To read about their first visit which took place in December 1985 click here

The concert took place in the studio area in the basement. The audiencethe audience assembling before the event arrived and socialised in the Gallery before the event. (Right the audience in the Gallery)  and then went downstairs where they sat on a mixture of cushions, mats and chairs.  The place was full.The audience in positionStephen knox and J.J. Williams introducing the event,


Left,  the audience in position and below, Stephen Knox and J.J. Williams introducing the event





It is not clear why Jimmy Tagoe is not introducing the concert - a fact obviously lost in the mists of time.




Suliman performingJalal performingThe Last Poets in performance

Above and below, Suliaman, Jalal and both of them together on stage 

The Last Poets on stageThe Last Poets on stage

Drummer DrummerThe guitarist

Above and left the supporting musicians - Stuart Kershaw on drum and Lloyd Massett on guitar. We are still trying to locate the name of the Conga player

The Last Poets in concert

Above everyone on stage during the concert