Bob Cobbing Reading 1970s

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Bob Cobbing was the major exponent of concrete, visual and sound poetry in Britain. Long after its international heyday in the 1960s, he continued to produce visual texts that were also scores for performance, many of them published as booklets by his Writers' Forum press, and launched at its associated workshop.

The photos below were taken in Liverpool by Dave Kilburn, we think around the same time as Bob read his work at the Blackie.   The event is chaired by George MacBeth.  It is clearly being recorded.  The audience includes Blackie staff and volunteers but we do not think it took place at the Blackie.

If anyone out there knows where this reading took place please let us know.

Jeff Nuttall, George MacBeth and Bob CobbingGeorge inviting questions from the audience

Above along the table Jeff Nuttall, George MacBeth and Bob Cobbing, and George inviting questions from the audience.

The event was filmed and taped.

Below the cameras, mikes and sound desk

The cameras and mikes recording the eventThe sound desk

The walls of the room were decorated with Bob Cobbings poetry.

The poetry around the room so enclosing the audienceShowing the poetry behind the audience

Above poetry banners on the walls behind the audience below the audience arriving and Bob interacting with them.

The audience arrivingThe audience arriving

The audience arrivingBob reading from his work

The event was well attended and the room was packed as seen in the photos below.

A view from the back of the roomAnd a view from the front of the room.

 In addition to the reading and associated discussion we think Bob ran workshops.  Again we are not sure where these took place.

Bob Cobbing working with people on creating concrete poetryBob working on creating poems with others

Above Bob running workshops and below the man himself

Bob Cobbing