Sanctuary October 31st/November 1st 1969

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Sanctuary was the Blackie's second piece of model theatre. It was commissioned by Shelter. There were 4 performances - afternoon and evening on October 31st and November 1st.  It was performed by people from the Blackie and 6th form pupils from Quarry Bank high School.

Audience mebers taking direct action and relocating their homesSanctuary explored the 'housing problem' through representing the range of housing available compared to the demographics and needs of the UK population and the communities within it.  Whilst people do have some recollection of how the show worked there is very little written information now available on what was a very early production.  However someone - we think one of the young people from Quarry Bank - wrote the following account of the Show.  Whilst as an account it has its faults and certainly interprets the show according to the author's own politics and perception of what was happening nevertheless it is probably, given the lack of other written material and the failure of memories, the best description of how Sanctuary worked.  The description is supplemented by photographs (which being over 40 years old and not having been stored in ideal conditions are somewhat grainy) and the insertion of some additional memories of audience reaction. Hopefully all of this will give people a clear idea of what happened.

Each performance ended with a discussion; the  opportunity for  audience members/participants to reflect on and discuss their experience of the show is intrinsic to Model Theatre.

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