The Bread Work - 1995

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Picture of the completed boxThe Bread Work was made during the 1995 Summer Playscheme "Home Is Where The Art Is".

Young people were invited to research, bake, taste, eat, varnish and display breads from around the world.   Bread Work used a box with 80 spaces - similar to the one created for "My Room" - as a way of displaying the breads  The workshop was led by sculptor Ronnie Lai Tak.

Above photo of the completed box and below photos of the various breads.

It would have been good to show the photos in the same order as the breads appeared in the box - however at some point the breads were re-arranged so there are in fact two versions of the display and this is therefore almost impossible.

Photo of breads in middle of the boxPhotos of the breadsBreads in situBreads in situBreads in situBreads in box

Feedback : "Its beautiful - so many different shades of brown."  Julius Foo visiting drama worker from Singapore.

Breads in the centre of the boxesBreads in the centre of the boxes

"Feedback - My son made one of the breads in this box"  Irene Cole, support worker for a group of visiting students with special needs. 

Breads at the top right of the boxBreads in the bottom right hand corner of the box



Feedback - The kids were made up - not only did they learnd to bake bread  - they ate it and now its part of a sculpture in the Gallery"  Lisa Agatha,  Play worker from The Black Sisters.


Close up of breadsClose up of breads

Another version of the completed boxThe list of breads

Above photo of another version of the box plus an unreadable list of breads and who made them!

Feed back "When John Lennon took time off from music to be a full-time father he discovered that baking a loaf of bread was like making a work of art - I hope he'd have liked the box"  Ronnie Lai Tak - sculptor  and leader of the work shops which produced the box.